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Permanent residence is an immigration status in the United States where a person is not a citizen but has the right to reside permanently. The permanent residence permit of the US requires an immigrant with an “immigration status” that entitles him to live and work permanently in or within the United States. A permanent resident can live, work, and live anywhere in the United States permanently, inside or outside the United States. This will allow permanent residents to choose to live or work in their desired US state or to work or live in another state. It is also good to know that if an EU citizen does not need to apply for a temporary residence visa, he can obtain a permanent residence permit in Italy if necessary. With a permanent residence permit, you can work in Germany or work as an immigrant in the United States. Green card renewal can be done by us using our connections. BUY RESIDENT PERMIT CARDS ONLINE, Get real Residence Permit Cards, Renew your resident permit Online, Buy Dual Citizenship Online.

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If you are a  hold an EU Blue Card and meet the general conditions, you will be granted a permanent residence permit within 5 years of your arrival in Italy, which is valid until further notice. You can extend for another 5 years at the request of the foreign national, but this also depends on the fact that you have obtained a third-country national. The maximum duration of a temporary residence permit for EU citizens in the United States is 5 years.  It is recommended to submit applications for long-term residence permits no later than five years after the expiry of the valid residence permit. You can apply for an indefinite residence permit at any time during the 5-year period following the expiry of your temporary residence permit.

After 30 days you will go back to the police station and, if you show your passport and residence card, you will receive a permanent residence card valid for 5 years. They receive a temporary residence permit first and a permanent one after a few years. If the applicant stays in Iceland for more than 2 years, even for a period of 3 months, he is not entitled to a residence permit and the resident must apply for an identity card. The application must be made at least two years after the expiry of the residence permit, but the period is not considered continuous, so you can submit your application even after the residence permit has expired, renew my green card, I 90 forms, green card renewal, green card expired, You must therefore wait for a work permit before applying for permanent residence, but not before your temporary residence permit expires.

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