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One Way Documents is your leading provider of Real and Fake Documents. One Way Documents is your leading provider of Real and Fake Documents

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Our Real documents are 100% genuine and are registered in data base and can be used for any legal purpose. The fake documents on the other hand will look exactly like the real document but will not be registered in any database and therefore can only be used as camouflage.


As you may have learnt, a fake passport is a counterfeited or forged passport (or other travel document) provided by a country or authorized passport agencies. Be it a passport that actually uses a different Identity, or semi-legally modified counterfeits of genuine passports manufactured at our laser imprint affiliates.


here is the real deal when it comes to buying fake drivers license online. Once you’re certain to buy fake driving license online, our specialists take it from there with production and quick overnight delivery. Identical micro prints that are used on on holograms and PVC, making it easy for our clients to order drivers license online.


Being the sole supplier of actual 100% replica ID cards and drivers licenses (Not “Novelty ID’s like every other Document agencies). Years have been invested into mastering the look and feel, holograms and updated security features of real ID Cards. We’re certain you’ll be satisfied with our production of both Real and Fake ID Cards.

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We produce supreme quality documents that can be safely used anywhere. So, if you’re ready to get more for less without putting yourself at risk, we are always here to provide you with everything.

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Having a second passport can dramatically safeguard your freedom, your life and your wealth. Second passport can be your key to reduce your taxis and increase your asset protection.

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We are one of the most renowned producers of real Database registered ID cards. We deal in both registered and unregistered ID cards. We have all advanced means that are developed to a high degree of complexity which makes it possible to produce real ID cards

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Several nations grant official citizenship in exchange for cash without any prior residency requirement but this alternative's are usually expensive. this so all "Economic Citizenship" programs offer a nationally quickly and simply for those who qualify.

Buy Dual Citizenship Online

We Produce high quality driver's license for EU, US, CA and other countries. We register all client information into the state data-base system making it legal.

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Are you looking forward to buying IELTS certificate online without exam? We are here to help you. We are the leading provider of TOEFL certificates. IELTS is the world's most popular English proficiency test for global migration and higher education.

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We have lots of other documents produced upon client request like Birth Certificate, permanent resident cards like the Green Card, SSN and a lot more. Just Contact us for your desired documents.

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Fastprodocuments produces all types of documents both registered and unregistered like passport, drivers license, ID card, TOEFL, Resident permits and more that are exactly the same as you acquire from the authorities. Everything used in the process is of same level of quality as the authorities use and we use real government database systems to register client’s information so that if it is verified in government database, it is marked as real document which can be used for legal purpose. All our registered documents passed through UV light and other verification equipment’s and our clients are 100% assured to provide with high quality real and registered or fake documents.

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We are the world best producers of registered and unregistered documents recognized globally in the industry of immigration documentation and civil services. We help people with difficulties in obtaining document. We produce real and fake passport, driving license, birth certificate, IELTS certificate, ID cards, Visas, marriage certificate, registered and unregistered document, fake university diplomas, GMAT, MCAT, and LSAT Examination Certificates, just to name a few

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